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Our Italian Leather Designer Brands

Anna Cecere

Based in Rimini on the Italian Riviera, Ciro Cecere a traditional and innovative designer and glove maker founded Cecere 30 years ago. From a young age his daughters were influenced by the creativity and craftsmanship shown by the artisans at work and they have continued this tradition of beautiful design and luxury, extending the range to include scarves, hats, handbags and world renowned Anna Cecere pochettes.

Anna Cecere family's experience in the world of luxury, merges beauty with Italian tradition. Not simply clutches but jewels.



Arcadia was founded by the master artisan Tonino Tondi. Setting up his workshop on the Adriatic coastline of eastern Italy and driven by his skill and love of leatherwork, he soon established an enviable reputation for producing very stylish and fashionable leather handbags.

In 1986 Tonino’s sons, Pascquale and Sergio joined the company and with their combined passion, moved the brand forward and established the Arcadia brand on an international level.

Today the Arcadia name is synonymous with the latest fashion trends and produces some of the finest quality handbags Italy has to offer. The embossed patent leather is one of their most endearing styles and famous the world over.

Although this iconic brand has it’s roots set in it’s Italian heritage, it’s heart is in producing high quality, new and exciting fashion pieces season after season.


Blu Style

Set on the beautiful Adriatic coastline of eastern Italy, Blu Style has established itself as a leading designer and manufacturer of leather goods for more than 20 years especially in women’s handbags and belts.

All of their handbags and accessories are beautifully handcrafted to the highest standard using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation alongside new technologies.

Although Blu Style’s methods maybe traditional, their style and flair are of the moment. Producing highly fashionable and exciting designs that have earned them rave reviews in some of Italy’s top fashion magazines.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary design, Blu Style handbags make the perfect statement piece for any wardrobe.



This luxury brand based in Tuscany, produce beautiful and unique leather products that have their own distinctive style.

Originally established in 1955 by the founder Scandiano Boldrini in Chiesina Uzzanese, which is in the very heart of the Italian tanning region. He and his small team of artisan craftsmen soon gained a reputation for producing very individual and stylish bags using the locally tanned leathers.

Boldrini Selleria is now run by his son Luca who inherited his fathers entrepreneurial passion and has grown the brand to an international level.

Their collection represents a masterclass in classic style and quality and includes handbags, business bags and travel goods.



Bonfanti Borse s.r.l was founded in 1945 by Ermogene Bonfanti and his wife Anita. A small artisan workshop, they produced handbags and briefcases for local workers from several factories in the surronding area. As manufacturing production improved in the 50's they produced their first collections, focused on everyday shoppers and light luggage.

The 60s saw the turning point for the company with the imput of sons Angelo and Terenzio and the development of stylish collections throughout the 80s and 90s and expanding their sales in Italy and abroad too. 

Success has continued up to this day with Anna Bonfanti and the distinctive styled Bonfanti labeled collections for both mens and ladies fashion. An eclectic range from printed nautical canvas shoppers, luxury Italian leather briefcases and luggage and Harris tweed totes.

A member of AIMPES that verifies every product is genuinely made in Italy, you will find something that is stylish and beautifully made in the finest materials from around the world.


Bruno Parise

Bruno Parise is a creative entrepreneur who's roots are based in the ancient art of weaving straw, producing handcrafted products that were both beautiful and desirable. He later had a successful career in the knitwear industry.

In 2010 Bruno Parise decided to utilise his skills in a new and unique way to create extremely desirable and very unique handbags. Using an adapted early 18th century loom that was originally employed to create magnificent Venison tapestries, to now weave soft leather strips with cotton thread.

Since 2012 Bruno has been joined by his daughter who has a clear vision to make Bruno Parise a recognised and admired international brand whilst retaining their exclusivity and desirability. The collection has now been extended to include the more traditional leather weave bags made famous by Bottega Veneta.



This world renowned Italian brand, was originally the vision of master craftsman Pilade Buti, who had originally learnt his craft producing leather trimmed chestnut baskets and leather woven pieces. In 1959, after many years of learning his craft, he decided to create the Buti brand.

Following initial successes, he was able to expand and take on the services of some of the highly skilled artisans from this world famous leathercraft region. Further growth also meant the relocation of his headquarters to Cascine di Buti, a province outside Pisa.

Pilade had always thought that a happy and contented workforce was key to maintaining highest standards of the brand and he treated his staff like they were an extension of his family and such was the loyalty this created that some have spent their whole careers with the company. One such example is Alcide Bravi who was a top modelist and became Pilade's right hand man.

In the 80's the brand became very much a family affair when Amerigo and Federico, Pilades two sons joined the business. This second generation have brought further innovation and quickly became the driving force in making Buti a truly international brand. 

Today this luxury brand has an enviable reputation of producing innovative designs that are produced to the highest levels of quality using traditional methods and the best materials. Even now Pilades still oversees production and every morning he inspects each bag before it leaves the factory and famously gives a thumbs up or a thumbs down. That is why each piece is a true masterpiece and a joy to use and own.




Driven by his passion and expertise, Dominico Carbotti set up the now famous Carbotti brand in 1950. Based in the beautiful town of Martina Franca in the southern heel of Italy, he established the company to become what it is today, one of the most respected names in Italy for producing high quality and very stylish leather handbags.

Each handbag is lovingly made with passion and pride by true Italian artisans using high quality materials such as calf and kid leather, luxury fabrics and attractive metal fittings. To verify it’s heritage and authenticity, every handbag is supplied sporting the ‘We love Italian Handbags’ tag. A guarantee of Italian authenticity set up by AIMPES, the Italian Leather Handbags Association to verify that every product is genuinely made in Italy.

When you buy a Carbotti you not only get one of the best quality handbags Italy has to offer but also a little bit of Italian heritage. A key accessory you will enjoy for years to come.



Chiarugi is a family run business that was founded in Florence by Remo Chiarugi in 1969 and used the traditional Tuscan crafts and Florentine leather to produce beautiful quality, vegetable tanned leather handbags, briefcases and travel bags. Today this passion has been passed down to his son Emiliano Chiarugi, who over the years with his creativity and experimentation has produced a timeless style that is recognised the world over.

Chiarugi represents an exclusive brand that has transformed its style into a mark of distinction.



The Dust Company are rather old school when it comes to production.Their philosophy is to embrace age old traditional methods as opposed to using a mechanised process for mass production. This is also reflected in the designs of their collection which are very much retro vintage in style, with each piece carefully handcrafted by a highly skilled artisan using the methods that their grandfathers used.

Everything they create is carefully thought out in order to produce the best quality possible, this includes the leathers they use which are of a high quality and are vegetable tanned, which not only creates a rich deep colour but also brings out the natural patina and grain. It's also a sustainable method of tanning and has zero impact on the environment which is so important to the ethos of the Dust brand.

This all combines to give you a beautifully handcrafted and pretty exclusive bag that will provide you with years of service, be a joy to own and look even better with age. A bag that has Italian style built in.



Fontanelli Florence, date back over 1 century ago to 1860 and were first known for producing leather saddles. In the 1970's they moved from saddle making into the world of fashion and producing fine handbags and accessories. Using their heritage and experience, the finest leathers, creativity and master craftsmen Fontanelli has become a successful high end luxury brand.

A family run artisan company, still based in Florence, Fontanelli is known for it's sumptuous hand woven intrecciato and fine saffiano luxury leather handbags, briefcases and accessories. The beauty is in the detail of every Fontanelli piece.


Giorgio Fedon

The Fedon Group was founded in 1919 in district of Vallesella, Belluno, Italy producing stylish spectacle cases. Production was mainly for the Italian market but over the years exported to other european countries and to the US. In the 1980’s production expanded as fashion branded eyewear became popular, supplying opticians as well as producers.

Keen to diversify, in 2003 the Giogio Fedon1919 brand was born and was dedicated to the development of leather products such as bags for work, leisure, office, and travel, quickly became recognised and renowned the world over for luxury and style. The vitality of design, meticulous attention to detail and continuous innovation are the essential aspects that make Fedon products unique. Ever ready to meet market demands, now produce a stunning range of technology accessories for iPhones, iPads and Samsumg Galaxy mobile phones.

To this day the company is still run by the Fedon family, four generations on.



Maalbi was founded nearly 70 years ago in 1947 by the Sasso family in the city of Biella, Piedmont, Northern Italy. Biella is known as the "City of Wool" and the region is famous for its textiles, woven fabrics and cloth. Maalbi is one of the leading luxury producers of stoles, scarves and squares and three family generations on, Maalbi have established their brand as a high end manufacturer of beautiful fashion accessories. They retain the style, design and quality in beautiful fabrics that distinguishes them from other brands.

All Maalbi sumptuous woven wool and silk scarves, stoles and squares have the prestigious 'Made in Biella" tag and signature presentation box.


Paolo Masi 

Paolo Masi is an exclusive brand for Attavanti and we are proud to have an exquisite range of their famous intrecciato, woven handbags. The Masi company was founded in 1927 in Florence by Silvio Masi, a master saddler by trade. In 1972 when Silvio's grandson Paolo joined the company they expanded into making elegant woven bags and portfolios using traditional Tuscan techniques.



Lead by his passion and creativity, Fernando Nicoli founded the company in 1975, thus creating the Nicoli brand. They soon gained popularity in Italy due to their painstaking workmanship, attention to detail and use of high quality Italian leathers.

Building on their reputation and a loyal following of customers, Nicoli have gone from strength to strength and are now renowned throughout the world for producing fabulous quality fashion led handbags.

Situated near the cosmopolitan city of Vicenza in north eastern Italy, this innovative family run design house is now one of the leading names for Italian style and flair. Plus blending traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques has enabled this company to provide high quality handbags at affordable prices.

Simplicity, functionality, beauty and harmony…it’s the Nicoli way.


Old Angler

The founder of Old Angler Firenze, Luciano Lucenti, started production as a leather craftsman back in 1957 and established a successful workshop in the heart of Florence. However, following the unprecedented disastrous floods of 1966 which destroyed a good part of the city's historic centre, he decided to move production a little way upstream from the main city and created the Old Angler brand.

This family run artisan workshop create beautifully handcrafted pieces, produced to the highest standard. In fact, Old Angler Firenze were one of the first leather brands to obtain the prestigious ‘Quality System Certification’ from the Institute for Quality Certification.

As well as quality being key, they are also committed advocates of sustainability. The leather that they use is vegetable tanned which means that no chemicals are used in the tanning process and it also offers a real depth of colour and enhances the natural markings which are very much embraced in their products.



Pellevera is based just outside Florence and uses the age old Tuscan techniques and production methods to produce leather products that are both classic, stylish and practical. These include briefcases, holdalls, messenger bags and handbag all created by artisans in vegetable tanned leather. This produces a more natural product with the leather showing more of the characteristic graining making each item unique with the added bonus of being more eco friendly.

Pellevera offer great quality, stylish design and exceptional value. 



The origins of Pratesi go back to 1948. Florentine, Edigio Pratesi a war evacuee worked on the booming film industry film sets as a tailor, making the costumes and on the film Quo Vadis he produced the centurion leather shields. This enabled Pratesi financially to continue as an artisan making small leather goods, picture frames, key fobs and belts and to set up a small workshop and start making his first handbags. From this small workshop in Via Prati, Rome he expanded and opened another larger workshop with a shop next door in the exclusive Viale Parioli, Rome.

As the company grew in the 1960's Pratesi moved his skilled artisan workers into a modern manufacturing site in Donnini, Florence. Here there are suppliers of the finest tanneries and high quality hides and they extended to specialise in briefcases, travel bags and luggage.

Pratesi a family run business over it's 50 year has embraced the new methods of craftsmanship and has become known for it's style, beautiful leathers, quality and luxury the world over. 


Roberto Gandolfi

Roberta Ganfolfi was conceived by women for women who really appreciate luxury, style and beauty. An elegance that the Italians do so well.

Based in Bologna, Italy, this luxury brand was set up by sisters Roberta and Silvia Gandolfi over 40 years ago with the sole purpose of creating truly unique bags that are as feminine and individual as you are using materials of the highest quality. Each handbag is carefully handcrafted using traditional techniques to create the perfect accessory.


Stefano Turco

Created in 2011 by fashion stylist Simona Sabbatini and the art designer Stefano Turco, this modern Italian brand is now taking the fashion world by storm. They are quickly gaining an enviable reputation for producing stylish contemporary and very practical designs that are so relevant for modern living. The leathers that they use are high quality and vegetable tanned and to add to their sustainability credentials, the hardware is nickel free.  



The Venetian company Terrida was founded in 1970 by Sergio and Anna Terrida. Their years of knowledge of traditional artisan techniques combined with the finest leathers and stylish designs made the name Terrida synonymous with quality, luxury and beauty.

The family business has been handed down and is now run by their children Monica and Pieroluigi who in turn have continued Terrida’s  success throughout the world. 

Monica is principal designer and with her extensive understanding of Italian craftsmanship and experience in fashion design she has created harmonising collections from start to finish particularly with their iconic luggage and travel bags.

If you are looking to arrive in style then Terrida is the brand for you.



The Toscanella brand of vegetable tanned handbags and purses are handcrafted using traditional Tuscan techniques in Florence Italy.

Launched in 2005  this top line of quality designer leather handbags and wallets fuse together nature, fashion and practicality with beautiful detailing that includes contrast stitching, embossed logo buttons and signature striped lining.

Toscanella handbags, wallets and purse are unique and will become more beautiful as they age and last a lifetime.



This classic brand was first established in 1974 by good friends and business partners Antonio Perrotti and Giovanni Starnini. Located in Ponte a Egola near Pisa, a famous tanning district of Tuscany renowned for producing high quality eco friendly vegetable tanned leather. With all this raw material on their doorstep it made sense to set up a business to produce soft nappa bags. 

Their elegant and stylish bags proved to be very popular and within a few years became one of the leading names in this region commonly known as the heart of the Italian leather industry. 

Today the company is in the safe hands of Andrea Perrotti who is the next generation. Building on the very high standards of quality and style already established, they now produce bags and accessories for both men and women. In addition after much research, Tuscan's now have their own unique processing and tanning techniques which makes each and every one of their products even more special. 



Founded in 1973, Vannini is rapidly establishing itself as a high quality Italian brand synonymous with cutting edge designs.

Established just outside Turin and just a few miles from the fashion capital, Milan, Vannini is in the heart of cosmopolitan Italy. With their finger on the pulse of the latest trends and with sheer panache and flair, Vannini produce beautiful bags that encompass both bold colours and textures and are rapidly gaining an enviable reputation for producing bang on trend designs.  Making them very much the ones to watch in the future.

All of their handbags are made from quality leathers and fabrics sourced from Italy and handmade with passion by their inhouse artisans.

“Every bag requires its own particular leather
every woman requires her own particular bag
she wants her bag to be like her
she puts all her life inside it
Vannini Bag maintains this relationship over time”

…bellissime borse!

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