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Tips On Choosing The Perfect Christmas Present

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Choosing a Christmas present for a partner, relative or friend can be a big annual dilemma for some people. Obviously you want to buy them something they would really like and show that you have put a lot of thought into it. There is nothing worse than seeing the recipient of your gift excitedly unwrapping the present followed by that deflated expression when discovering it's something they don't like or is inappropriate. For the recipient it's also a very awkward moment to either fain enthusiasm or confess they don't like it.

So what to choose?
It really doesn't have to be that difficult if you apply logic. Can I start by saying that saucepans and hoovers are a really bad idea! These are gifts for the house not a person. Choose something much more personal. But what? A lot of people make the mistake of buying a gift that they would like to receive but of course we are all different and we all like different things, so unless the idea is that they will reject it and you end up with it, think again. This is where logic comes into the equation. Think about the person you are buying for and consider things like their age, stature, style, what they like doing their hobbies and interests.

Choosing a gift for a woman
Whether you're buying for a girlfriend, wife, relative or friend this logical approach will help you find the perfect gift. As mentioned before personal gifts are often the best. Say for instance an article of clothing would be ideal, think about the clothes that they already own. What style do they prefer? Is it smart or casual? What colour do they wear most often? Do they buy from the High Street or exclusive boutiques? Think about their age and go to shops that are most appropriate. However, there is one issue they you need to be fairly certain of, their size! You may drop yourself right in it if you buy a size 14 and they are a size 10. This is where you may need to do a bit of sleuthing to check their size or gain advise from someone who knows. Perfume is another good option but again considering the plethora of options available on the market today you may want to choose one that they use already.

What woman wouldn't appreciate a piece of jewellery? Again apply logic and use your knowledge of the loved one to help you choose. Think about the jewellery they already own. For instance, do they prefer a short or long necklace, big or small earrings or bracelets? Most women have a definite preference of metal, gold or silver and also whether it's a subtle design or blingy.

A safer choice would be to consider a bag. A leather handbag, especially if it's made in Italy, is always going to be a welcome gift. You will already know if the lady is tall or petite so finding the right size shouldn't be much of an issue. With regard to colour, well unless you know specifically that they like brightly coloured bags, you would be wise to choose say a brown, black or blue. This will undoubtedly match up to items they already have in their wardrobe. As to style, well again use your knowledge of the person and follow the general style that they already have which may be a structured grab or tote bag or possibly a more slouchy shoulder bag. Women often use different style bags to suit the occasion. For a formal event or party, it is most likely a small grab, shoulder bag or possibly a clutch bag, whereas a shopping trip may require a larger shoulder bag or maybe a tote shopper. For work, a shoulder bag is the most popular choice and if they happen to be a high flying business professional a stylish laptop briefcase would be in order. This goes to show that the style is a pretty flexible option and they will make use of whatever style you choose within reason. 

For smaller budget gifts, you may want to consider a leather iPhone cover, a Maalbi scarf or leather purse. There can't be many women out their that doesn't have a purse, so a handcrafted leather purse from Italy is surely a very desirable gift to receive.

Boldrini Saddle Bag

Maalbi Scarf

Carbotti Quilted Bag

Choosing a gift for a man
I think it's true to say that men are probably less sensitive about receiving an inappropriate gift than a woman. However, I think it is still important to apply the same thought process as I've suggested for women in order find that special gift. With regard to clothes for instance, most men have two categories of clothing, smart and casual. Choosing say a casual shirt or top shouldn't be too difficult if you consider the style and colour that they normal wear and opt for a plain over a patterned item. Size can be less of an issue than with women. If you can't find out their exact size, avoid collar sizes and choose items that are marked small medium and large etc. as you are more likely to get it about right. Again consider their age and buy in a shops that are appropriate. If you would like to find something to match their smart wardrobe why not choose a stylish accessory such as a silk tie or an Italian scarf.

I would also say that men are more flexible about aftershave than women are about perfume. In fact if you're a woman buying aftershave for a man you are undoubtedly more discerning than he is about which one to wear. 

As with women a safe option could be to choose a bag of some kind. More and more men these days carry a bag of some kind for their daily commute. Things to consider when choosing is their age, the type of job that they do and what they are likely to carry. Backpacks for instance are very popular because they are so practical. Prices can vary greatly but an Italian designed backpack from Giorgio Fedon is always going to be well received and treasured. Messenger bags are now almost standard kit for the modern commuter, so something with Italian style such as the options by Roncato are always going to be great to own and use. Practical too, especially if want to carry a small laptop. For the business man in your life a briefcase or laptop bag that has been lovingly handcrafted by Italian artisans is always going to hit the sweet spot such as the stunning range by Boldrini. For colour choice, think about what they wear to the office and match that. 

To sum up, there is no one perfect gift to choose because everyone is different but by using your knowledge of the person this will help you to make the right choice.

Ronfato Messenger Bag

Boldrini Laptop Bag

Giorgio Fedon Backpack

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