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The Regional Italian Wines Our Artisan Suppliers Enjoy

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When it comes to wine, Italy really has so much to offer. As one of the oldest wine producers in the world, Italy is renowned for its diverse range of wines. In fact there are around 350 all told and over 100 grape varieties. As the country geographically very diverse, each of the 20 regions can offer their own specialty wines. The production therefore is vast and has made Italy the single largest exporter in the world.

The quality and authenticity of all these wines are protected by the Italian Appellation System. There are four main categories and these are usually indicated on the wine label. Vino da Tavola indicates a basic table wine that is predominately sold to the home market. Indication Geografica Tipica means that the wine is of higher quality and is from a more specific area. Denominazione di Origine Controllata denotes that the wine is from a very specific territory within Italy using specific and authorised grape varieties and for the highest quality wines, Denomination di Origine Controllata e Garantita. This is restricted to just a handful of producers who have to follow the strictest of regulations using very particular wine varieties.

With access to these stunning wines right on their doorstep, we have long been envious of our suppliers. Obviously, as all of them are situated in various parts of Italy, each can enjoy the local wines of their particular region. 

Anna Cecere
Based in Rimini, this brand have been supplying us with beautiful leather bags and cocktail clutch bags for a number of years. They are in the Emilia Romagna region which produces 15% of all Italian wine. Red and White wine are grown in equal quantities, the main one being Lambrusco which is a delicate sparkling red, the best of which they tend to keep for their own market. Sangiovese is also a very popular red wine of the area. It can either be drank as a young wine with its strawberry and slightly spicy flavours or can be aged in barrels that provide it with an oaky flavour.

This stylish brand produce consistently beautiful seasonal collections and we are proud to stock them. Based in Pescara in the Abruzzo region, they are fortunate enough to enjoy some great local wines such as Montepulciano d'Abruzzo made with the Montepulciano grape. This is vibrant dark red wine with jam flavours and a floral after note. The region also produces some very palatable white wines, the Trebbiano d'Abruzzo and Pecorino. The Pecorino is fast becoming one of Italy's best white wines.

Bonfanti, Maabli
These suppliers are based in Lombardy. This is a region not particularly noted for its wine production. Nevertheless there are still a few gems. The most prestigious Lombardy wine is Valtellina which is made from the Nebbiolo grape. Grown on the northern border of Lombardy, the superior version of this wine has bouquet of cherries with a hint of tar. The region also produces Franciacorta, this wonderful champagne style, white wine is made from the Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc grapes.

Carbotti who have been supplying us for many years with wonderful leather handbags, are based in the Taranto district of Puglia, otherwise know as the heel of Italy. This region produce some great value red wines, the most famous of which is the Primitivo. This is a hard hitting summer fruit wine with a hint of smoke. A great drinkable wine. There is also the Negroamaro, a deeper plum type red wine with a herb finish, perfect with red meat.

Chiarugi, Fontanelli, Ghibli, Paolo Masi, Pellevera, Pratesi and Toscanella
Unsurprisingly a large number of our suppliers come from Tuscany the heart of the leather industry. Undoubtedly the most famous Italian wine of them all which comes from this region, has to be Chianti. Traditionally sold in a raffia wrapped bottle which served as protection and allowed the bottle to have a flat bottom which was cheaper to manufacture, is made with a blend of grapes, predominantly sangiovese making it light and fresh and is the perfect accompaniment to pasta. Another notable wine of the area is the Montepulciano which is a medium bodied wine that is the perfect choice with pizza.

Giorgio Fedon, Nicoli and Roncato
Another important leather region is Veneto and these wonderful brands are based around Venice. The most famous sparkling wine of this region and indeed italy has to be Prosecco. Mostly grown around the Valdobbiadene region this very drinkable wine is made differently to champagne so the bubbles in the fizz are lighter and not so intense. Made with the local Glera grape, this refreshing drink has distinctive peach and vanilla notes with a slight honeysuckle bouquet. Valpolicella is also from this region and is one of Italy's best value red wines. This is a bright tangy wine with red fruit and banana flavour and a sour cherry finish, perfect on its own or with food.

A tour of all these regions is certainly on our wish list. To combine business with pleasure and sample some of these wine whilst sat in the Italian sun would be just perfect!

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