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Terrida combine Murano glass with stylish leather bags

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Italy is famous around the world for its wealth of beautiful handmade artisan products, creating unique masterpieces using traditional methods in an age where most products are mass produced. One such specialised craft is glass making and Murano glass is the most famous and most coveted. Murano glass is inherent to the area of Venice and is made on the small Venetian Island of Murano which has specialised in the beautiful intricate glassware for centuries. Located a few miles from the main city of Venice, Murano has been a commercial port since the 7th century. It is believed however that Murano glass originated not in Venice but in Rome and moved to the foundries in Murano in 1291.

Murano glass is exquisite and the technique begins with layering liquid coloured glass that is stretched into rods and sliced to reveal the intricate pattern in cross section. This is called murrine and the most famous style is millefiori, a thousand flowers, where each layer of colour is folded into a star, cooled then layered again giving the appearance of many brightly coloured flowers.

At Attavanti we are always on the lookout for new, exciting and stylish designs and leather designers from Italy and we are proud to introduce our latest Italian brand Terrida. An exclusive family run producer of luxury leather handbags and travel bags who are also based in the beautiful city of Venice. This exciting brand definitely caught our eye when they embellished some of their Veneto leather collection with beautiful Murano glass.

Terrida were established in 1970 and are renowned Venetian designers of luxury, handcrafted leather handbags, briefcases and travel bags. Now run by second generation brother and sister, Pierluigi and Monica, together they create beautiful, elegant leather goods. The Veneto range combines their stylish designs in brilliant coloured leathers with Murano glass fobs which is a fitting combination. The multi-coloured Murano, millefiori glass is attached to the zips to form exquisite, dazzling zip pulls. A real testament to the artisans of Venice.

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