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Spring Summer Shoe Trends

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I love a spring summer trend and the fact that you can easily update your summer wardrobe with new accessories. This spring summer shoe trends, seen on the cat walks are very varied. Luckily the influence has filtered to the High Street and it has a great selection that is affordable and won't break the bank for the thrifty fashionista. 

Designers are using past designs and trends, adding different embellishments and new materials and shapes. Statement enhanced heels are one of the most noticeable, dramatic design features this summer, from thick angled block in contrast perspex, wood or cork to multi stacked jewel baubles. A great addition to a simple floaty summer dress or jeans and tee.

Another big trend is the nautical addition of using rope for ties and straps on both heels and flats. Valentino Roman flats and Jimmy Choo Grecian rope heels are my favourite designs. This gives a great holiday feel and used for both criss-crossed across the foot and ankle or as a decorative effect on wedge heels and platforms. Paired with a long flowing maxi dress is a popular combo.

Also seen this season, is intricate, pretty embroidery that adds a bit of elegance and summer chic. Large and bold patterns or small and delicate flower designs. Embroidery can be seen everywhere this summer on all items of clothes and has now gone one step further (no pun intended) and now onto sandals, sliders and shoes. My favourites are Alberta Ferretti, Ted Baker and Michael Kors, who all showed this style on the catwalk.

Bright chunky trainers, sneakers, popular last season are here to stay too and now you can mix style, colour with a bit of comfort. Mega soles with splashes of colour choose from pastel inserts, metallics or clashing hot bright colours for a more casual look. So useful if you are planning a trip that involves lots of walking. My favs are Brandblack Saga and Armani.

A must have staple for summer is the classic and ever popular woven leather sandal. Choose from simple sliders, mules to wooden or cork block high heels and platforms. Again Jimmy Choo and Max Mara high end designs are emulated by the High Street, particularly M&S and Next. Which ever you choose, tan is my favourite colour as it is a great contrast for your hot summer look.

My last favourite, although I would never be able to wear these as my cat would find this irresistible and attack, is the addition of delicate feathers. Be careful that you don't look too boudoir and go for feathers on the back of the ankle or heel. This look dominated the catwalk and designers Valentino, Gianvito Rossi and Simone Rocha plumage creations stood out.

The one sandal I won't be wearing this summer is the velcro strap flats, based on Tevas and worn with socks !!! Yes socks, like an OAP. This is ugly and gives the vibe of a geriatric, definitely a big no no for me. 

What to choose is a problem, decisions, decisions, what ever you choose complete your look with a fabulous handbag. We have a fabulous range at Attavanti from must have straw wicker, woven and leather designer bags.

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