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The Leather Doctor's Bag

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There are many bags and cases with historical beginnings such as the messenger bag, duffle bag, attache case and haversack but none as iconic as the doctor's bag. A form of doctor's bag has been around since the Egyptian times but the familiar design we recognise today was developed in the mid nineteenth century and was loosely based on the Gladstone bag which was basically a deep travel bag. 

This is a very practical bag the classic style of which has never really changed in design. There is always a single handle and the bag opens with a classic hinged mechanism and opens very wide to allow for easy access to all areas of the interior. The interior design can vary, some are split into two compartments with early models even containing drawers. However, the modern doctors bag generally has one big open area with a number of side pockets. Today the medical profession has been restructured and sadly doctors do a lot fewer house calls but throughout the twentieth century doctors were out and about seeing patients and could make up to 40 calls a day. So a big open bag was essential so that they could easily access their medical instruments, medications and dressings. Some bags also had outer pockets on the side and some even featured a double zip compartment in the base. For obvious reasons these bags needed to be made secure either by a key lock on the top or via a flap over strap to a locking mechanism on the side. 

Today, because the bag is so practical, it has now become a bit of a fashion icon and people are getting one for many different reasons. At full size it makes for a very useful travel or over night bag especially when using the detachable shoulder strap such as the Chiarugi Italian Leather Doctor's Bag. It also makes for a very stylish business bag. A mid range size bag is also a good option such as the MSB Lucignana Italian Leather Front Pocket Doctors Bag. There is now even the option to buy smaller versions which serve well as handbags such as the Pratesi Italian Aged Leather Doctor's Handbag. You can also choose various colours options apart from black, brown and tan. 

Any of these doctor's would serve you well as they are all hand made by Italian artisans using the finest Italian leathers. In fact in days gone by a doctors bag such as these would have probably lasted longer than some of the doctor's patients.

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