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Choosing the Perfect Leather Backpack for You

Posted by Attavanti on 18th May 2022

Choosing the Perfect Leather Backpack for You

Backpacks are more popular now than they ever have been. This could be because they are just so functional and practical which makes them the perfect bag for many aspects of our busy lives. The problem comes when you want to choose the right one for you as there is so much choice out there. This is why I've written this blog in order to help you decide what are the most important aspects you require from a backpack such as size, weight, material, style, colour and of course price.

A backpack is likely to be your daily companion when going to work or maybe traveling or going shopping so it's essential you make the right choice. 

Size and Functionality
Backpacks come in many shapes and sizes so the first thing you need to decide is how you plan on using it. For instance, if it's for the daily commute to work you need to consider whether it's large enough to carry your devices such as a laptop, possibly some documentation and even your lunch. Maybe you might want one for travelling around, in which case consider whether it's going to be your one and only travel bag, in which case will it accommodate your spare clothes and toiletries. If it's a secondary travel bag, has it got convenient pockets for say tickets and ID documents and is it the ideal size to carry around all day as you explore an area.

Buying a backpack for clothes shopping trips makes so much sense because first of all we're now very conscious about trying to avoid buying carrier bags and secondly it leaves your hands free to go through the racks. Here again size is a consideration as it needs to be large enough for your purchases but not so large that it makes it difficult to navigate easily through shops and crowds.

In making the decision about size, it is important that you also consider your own stature. If you are petite then a large backpack may not be for you. 

Also consider comfort. If you are looking for a small lightweight backpack then thinner straps will be perfectly fine but if you intend to carry a large weighty backpack for long periods then you may want to look for one with thicker straps with a padded strip. 

Durability & Price
By its very nature a backpack is going to be prone to a lot of bashing about in its lifetime especially if it's going to be your daily commuting companion but I think it goes without saying that you would expect any backpack to last a good few years, even the budget nylon options.

However, as this is something that you are likely to be using on a regular basis, why not spend a little more and get something that not only looks great but also will be a daily joy to use. The best option is of course is leather, not only because it's strong and durable but also the look, the feel and the smell gives it a real sense of quality. If you do choose a leather backpack, the best option has to be one that has been handcrafted in Italy using high quality vegetable tanner Italian leather which is not only eco friendly but also has a real depth of colour which will actually improve with age.

Italy really do know a thing or two about style which is very evident with the Italian brand The Dust Company. As well as some beautiful and unique leather and suede backpacks, their collection also includes some very stylish cotton and leather backpacks in a selection of colours which are certainly an option for anyone who want something very individual and are on a tighter budget.

Dust Leather and cotton Backpack

Dust Suede Backpack

Style & Colour
Choosing a style you like is of course your personal preference but it will be undoubtedly influenced by your lifestyle and your requirements. If for instance you are thinking of buying a backpack to go hiking, you may want to choose the classic large unisex roll top backpack by Chiarugi which is handmade in beautiful vegetable tanned leather or you may want one to carry your sports kit, in which case the Italian brand Terrida, who specialise in sports bags, have a range of very attractive sport backpacks. 

Chiarugi roll top leather backpack

Terrida sports backpack

Backpacks are a very fashionable accessory at the moment and there are so many to choose from. Many women are using small to medium sized backpacks purely as a replacement to a handbag. For instance The Dust Company make a particularly attractive retro stye medium backpack in two tone leather.

Require something a little more colourful, Terrida produce a stunning little backpack that comes in a range of colours and features a Murano glass fob produced in their home city of Venice. If you're on a budget but are still looking for a leather backpack, you maybe interested in a gorgeous option by Tuscan's available in red and black.

Dust retro backpack

Terrida Murano Backpack

Tuscan's Leather Backpack

Dual Purpose Backpacks
If you're looking for even more flexible than just a backpack then we may have just the thing. Tuscan's produce a soft leather handbag that doubles up a backpack which comes in three colours, black, brown and red. Chiarugi do a similar concept but converts from a shoulder bag and is produced in sumptuous vegetable tanned leather. Just so convenient when on a shopping trip. And for the business man on the move, a fabulous buckle briefcase with straps to carry on your back. Perfect if you ride a motorbike or cycle to work.

Tuscan's Duo backpack

Chiarugi duo backpack

Dust briefcase backpack

The choice can be a little overwhelming but if you consider the above advice then that should help narrow the options right down and ensure you make the right decision.

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