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Spring Summer Shoe Trends

I love a spring summer trend and the fact that you can easily update your summer wardrobe with new accessories. This spring summer shoe trends, seen on the cat walks are very varied. Luckily the influence has filtered to the High Street and it has a great selection that is affordable and won't break the [...]

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The Hot Bag for the Summer 2019

This is the time of year when most people are looking forward to the longer, warmer days of summer. We have already had a couple of false starts this year especially with the fabulous Easter break and this has already given us the opportunity to take stock and review (and probably iron) our summer clothes [...]

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Wicker Handbags Spring Trend Must Have.

Dare I say it !!! It seems at last Spring is here to stay. After a brief, very sunny and warm Easter the good weather is set to return. Now is the time to celebrate and embrace the warmer days. Attavanti has an exclusive range of new season handbags including this years fashionista's must have, a [...]

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Messenger Bags are Becoming the Bag of Choice

Unlike handbags which can change style from season to season, there are some bags that never really go out of fashion. The classic style satchel was the bag of choice back in the 70's with students. Robust, practical easy to carry, it was the perfect bag for all your books with enough space for your [...]

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Investors Bid on Sought After Hermes Bags

In this ever increasingly volatile world together with stagnant interest rates, people are keen to find ways to invest their money. Art, antiquities and gold used to be the traditional options but now there is a thriving investment market in things like classic cars, wine and handbags. These markets are literally booming at the moment. [...]

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Arcadia Handbags New Spring Summer Range

I love springtime! Even though we have just had a relatively mild winter, it was still inevitably dark, cold and damp. Now that springtime has arrived, everything has changed. It's like a seasonal pick me up now that it's getting warmer and brighter with longer days. Once you see the spectacular magnolia blossom standing out [...]

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How To Pack For a Week's Holiday

Personally for me 7 days is the perfect length of time for a holiday. Any less and I'm really not ready to return home and feel like I have been a little short changed as I didn't manage to do everything I wanted to do. More than 7 days and the days start to feel [...]

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The ASOS bags for life

As you know ASOS is one of the online retail giants selling low cost fashion clothes and accessories. Such is the nature of online selling that undoubtedly you use a lot of packaging, this is why ASOS are becoming very environmentally aware and are looking at ways to reduce waste. One of the products they [...]

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The World's Smallest Handbag

Well they say that size matters but it seems that actually we just can't make up our minds. Take the mobile phone for instance. It started life as a brick but then got smaller and smaller so that it would fit in your pocket or handbag very easily. Now it seems, they were too small [...]

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That Special Present for Mother's Day

This is the one day in the year when you can show your mum just how much you really appreciate her. It is so easy to take them for granted but just think for a minute about all those little moments in your life when she was there to look after and support you. Remember [...]

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