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Funky Backpacks For The Summer

  Gone are the days when the backpack was the exclusive domain of globetrotting travellers or dedicated countryside ramblers. They have now hit the high street big time and become an essential and functional fashion accessory.As a travel bag, they are still a fantastic option. Firstly, because it allows you to disperse the weight across both [...]

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Metallic Handbags Are The Hot Trend This Summer

One of the great success stories of this season's fashion has to be the metallic handbag. Originally intended to add a bit of glamour and a pop of colour to your outfit on a girls night out or as a key accessory at a cocktail party, it has now become a hot trend and an [...]

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Look Sharp With An Italian Messenger Bag

Following the latest trends and fashions has always been part and parcel of living in a modern society. This used to apply more so when going out and socialising where you would don your best bib and tucker and dress to impress. For some people having the latest look would be a must and serious [...]

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Rome In Spring Attavanti's Recent Trip to the Eternal City

One of the best things of running Attavanti is that we have to travel all over Italy to find new artisan leather designers and visit Expo's. I know it's tough but someone's got to do it. Our most recent trip was to Rome and on our time off we got to see some of the famous [...]

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry A Fairy Tale Wedding

I watched the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle along with 2 billion others people around the World. We all had an inkling this would not be your usual, staid traditional wedding as the bride and groom had been given more freedom to put their own mark on their nuptials. A match made in [...]

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Villa Borghese, Rome and Bernini

When visiting Rome last month sourcing new artisan handbags for Attavanti, the one thing I just had to do in our free time was to visit the Villa Borghese art gallery to see the beautiful sculptures by the Neopolitan Gian Lorenzo Bernini.The Borghese Galleria is set inside the former Villa Borghese Poinciana, a spectacular building [...]

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Terrida combine Murano glass with stylish leather bags

Italy is famous around the world for its wealth of beautiful handmade artisan products, creating unique masterpieces using traditional methods in an age where most products are mass produced. One such specialised craft is glass making and Murano glass is the most famous and most coveted. Murano glass is inherent to the area of Venice [...]

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Plastic Bag 5p or a Celine Designer Plastic Bag £425?

We are all used to the fact that due to being more green and environmentally friendly, we now have to pay for a plastic bag if we require one when shopping. Obviously this policy is essential to help reduce landfill, the plastic rubbish in the seas and the countryside. I think most people would agree [...]

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Tartan and Tweed The Fashion Fabrics of 2018

Tartans and tweeds, synonymous with the Scots have played a very big part in fashion over the years. In the seventy's for instance, tartan seemed to be always part of the fashion scene mainly due to the pop culture at the time, instigated initially by the Scottish band the Bay City Rollers, then Rod Stewart [...]

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Spring Flower Power.

The cold snap that we have now, aptly named the Beast from the East, is causing snow, freezing temperatures and havoc over Europe. Lets celebrate the hopeful quick arrival of spring and some much needed warmer weather with a Liberty print bag and some flower power.Italian designer Anna Bonfanti has teamed together the luxury, iconic Liberty [...]

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