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Buying A Leather Wallet For Yourself 0r As A Gift

Posted by Attavanti on 19th Nov 2019

Buying A Leather Wallet For Yourself 0r As A Gift

It's one of those things you carry everywhere you go without even giving it much thought. Everytime you make a payment or show your ID., it's out of your pocket and in full view for all to see. A wallet then is that faithful servant that you just take for granted and you only really notice it when it starts to become unfit for purpose. This may be because it's starting to wear out or maybe because you've changed the way you pay. Ultimately you will need to replacing it. This is something you will need to live with for the next few years so it's worth taking time to consider what kind of wallet suits your needs. 

Pratesi Wallet

Chiarugi leather wallet

A quality leather wallet has to be made of leather

There is a vast array of wallets on the market ranging from just a few pounds to many hundreds of pounds. Now it may be the case that you are on a tight budget and be tempted by a low cost option. However bear in mind that this is something that is going to be handled a lot in its lifetime, this may turn out to be a false economy. Having said that, I don't think that the most expensive wallets on the market can represent good value either. You will probably be just paying a supplement because it's a branded name and it's not likely to last any longer than a good quality wallet. I think if you aim for that middle ground you'll end up with a well made wallet that you won't be ashamed to get out in front of company.

Leather would certainly be the material of choice as it's not only very durable, it's also very tactile. If you do choose leather then it makes sense to go for a leather wallet that is made in Italy as the leather they produce is undoubtedly the best in the world. It will almost certainly be vegetable tanned, an eco friendly process that gives the leather a unique depth of colour. Of course being Italian, it will certainly look very stylish. 

Choosing a wallet that's practical and works for you

There is no such thing as one wallet fits all as we all have our own preferences that fits in with our lifestyle. Wallets come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, the vast majority of which are bi-fold. For instance, as well as the classic size there is also the vertical wallet. This is an option that you may choose if you normally carry your wallet in your jacket or coat pocket and you require a little more capacity. It's also a very professional and business like option. However, it can be a little prohibitive as it's difficult to carry in a trouser pocket. This is probably the main reason why most men would prefer the classic shape. 

The next thing to consider is what are you going to carry in your wallet. Well money yes! However, in an age where our credit cards are contactless, people are using money less and less. We're certainly not in a position yet where we can do without it altogether so you will still need at least one pocket for notes. I have found it useful to have two for those times when you travel abroad and you have multiple currencies. There is also the choice of a coin pocket. It's a personal choice that some prefer to contain all of their loose change in one place. 

As we are going down the road to eventually become money free, there is now a greater necessity to have more slots to accommodate those extra credit and debit cards. You might also have a section of store cards that you need to carry. These slots are also useful for storing business cards. It's also handy to have some other little pockets to store things like stamps. 

Many wallets also have the option of a flap out compartment for an ID. or Oyster Card or ticket. If you're a commuter, then this element is essential. As it has a clear window many also like to use it to put in a family photo or two.

Tuscan's flap out leather wallet

Tuscan's leather wallet

Tuscan's leather vertical wallet

Choose a stylish wallet that's a pleasure to use

A stylish, well made leather wallet is a joy to own and use. When it's handmade with Italian leather, that takes it to another level. Choosing a style and colour is a personal choice. The popular choice is to go with either black or brown but there's no reason why you can't be a little more daring with the colour. The perfect compromise may be to choose a wallet from the Italian brand Tuscan's who have created a collection of wallets that are black on the outside and an eye catching bright colour on the inside.

It's not often you need to replace your aging wallet but when you do, it really is worth taking a little time to consider.

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