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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Her

Posted by Attavanti on 13th Dec 2019

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Her

It has to be said that it is much easier to buy a gift for a woman than it is for a man. It is important however, to note that there are some golden rules to follow. It needs to be a thoughtful, personal and flattering gift so don't fall into the trap of buying something that's too oversized or not age appropriate. It is also perfectly fine to buy something that is practical but whatever you do, don't even think about some kind of household appliance, that will not end well. 

By doing a little homework and just giving it some thought will make a big difference. Obviously it depends how well you know them but it is easy to find out their colour preference simply by making a note of the clothes they wear. This will also give you clues about their style and the accessories they already have. With this in mind, you should ultimately be armed with enough information to find the perfect gift which will not only suit their style but will also be personal and ideally practical.

Here then are a few simple suggestions that definitely fit the above criteria.

Arcadia Leather Purse

leather purse is such a great gift, it's very practical and yet personal. This is an item which is likely to be used several times a day, week in week out, so it is important to choose one that is good quality. The iconic Italian brand, Arcadia, have a very stylish range of handmade purses that are crafted using the best Italian leather and are a joy to use and own. There are many colours and leather finishes to choose from, so it should be easy to fine tune it to suit the recipient.

MAALBI Italian Scarf

A scarf is such an appropriate gift to buy as we are in the winter season. It's also a fairly safe option as it is relevant to any age group regardless of their personal style. As it is worn around the neck, this makes it a very personal gift and so it is essential that it is luxurious. What could be better then than a scarf made in Italy where they have a reputation for producing beautiful quality Italian wool scarves that are both flattering and stylish. Located in the very epicentre of the wool region is Maalbi scarves, a brand that has over 70 years of history and experience, making them the perfect choice for that special gift.

Roberta Gandolfi Grab Bag

Bologna is not only the food capital of italy, it is also the home of Roberta Gandolfi. This exciting brand are at the forefront of the Italian handbag industry, producing some very innovative seasonal collections. This year their collection includes these really eye-catching handbags featuring bead handles, perfect for a night out or to match up to a party dress. This bag is sure to be a big hit and comes in a range of leathers and colours.

Bonfanti Toiletry Bags

Established in 1945, the Milan based design house create some truly individual collections. One of their most stylish is their Harris Tweed collection. Beautifully handcrafted with the addition of Italian leather, these desirable wash bags are sure to be received with absolute relish. Harris Tweed is famous the world over and is instantly recognised and known for being very hardwearing. What could be better than to keep your toiletries contained in one of these luxury toiletry bags.

Tuscan's Backpack

As the name suggests, this Italian brand is based in Tuscany, Italy and have an enviable reputation for producing consistently stylish and individual collections. As well as their mainstay bi-colour collection, they also produce these hand woven backpacks. They even process and tan their own leather as they consider it vital to control every aspect of their bag production. It has to be said that backpacks don't suit everyone but if they do like backpacks, they'll be sure to love these.

I do hope you will find this short list very helpful. This is just a small part of what we offer, so if there is nothing here that you think is suitable, please take a look at the rest of our range. 

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