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My Top 3 Piazzas in Florence

We visited the beautiful city of Florence earlier this year and our hotel was centrally located between 3 of Florence's most famous and most visited historical piazzas which also happen to be my favourites. They are definitely the top piazzas to visit while you are in Florence. These amazing spaces are the perfect spot to [...]

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Valentines A Brief History.

February 14th otherwise known as Valentine's Day is celebrated all around the world when admirers from afar and lovers send flowers, chocolates, cards and gifts to their loved one in the name of St Valentine. It's an age old tradition which has adapted and changed over the centuries. The history is a little vague, although [...]

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Venice Carnevale

The Venice Carnevale, also known as carnival or mardi gras is celebrated in Venice, Italy along with many other places around the world such as Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans. It starts 40 days before Easter with a final huge celebratory party before Ash Wednesday and the restrictions of Lent with the abstinence from [...]

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Megan Markle's Fashion Trend Handbags

Fairy tales do come true.....Already well known as an actress that is photographed by the paparazzi and featuring in all the top magazines and papers, interest has been greatly intensified on Megan Markle since her engagement to Prince Harry was announced last year. Everyone wants a piece of Megan.Every aspect of her life has come [...]

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Florence in January

Florence is always a wonderful destination to visit. We have a number of suppliers based there such as Pratesi, Chiarugi, Boldrini and Fontanelli so it's a city I have visited on numerous occasions on business and I have to say I never tire of it. However this is the first time I've been in January and I think it [...]

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Harrods Mistakenly Sell Aspinal of London Bags For Just £8

Harrods made an almighty pricing error on their website yesterday by selling their collection of Aspinal of London handbags at a fraction of their retail price. It didn't take long for eagle eyed customers to spot the mistake and scores of people quickly took advantage of this pre-Christmas opportunity.Aspinal of London is a long established English brand [...]

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Tips On Choosing The Perfect Christmas Present

Choosing a Christmas present for a partner, relative or friend can be a big annual dilemma for some people. Obviously you want to buy them something they would really like and show that you have put a lot of thought into it. There is nothing worse than seeing the recipient of your gift excitedly unwrapping [...]

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Maalbi Beautiful Italian Designer Scarves from Biella City of Wool

A luxurious designer scarf that is also stylish can be hard to find particularly if you would like an elegant design and pattern. It should also be expertly woven in the finest threads and of course be super soft and warm. On one of our sourcing trips to Italy, we discovered an exclusive artisan textile supplier, [...]

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How to Pack Your Luggage For A Short Trip

If you're anything like I used to be, over packing for a short trip away was the norm. After years of trying to close lids on suitcases and lugging the extra weight about, I have now learnt to be very disciplined about what I take.The first thing to consider is the type of suitcase or [...]

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The Perfect Gift For The Man In Your Life

Christmas is fast approaching and if you have a number of men on that list and you are stumped as to what to buy, then we may be able to help.Take a look at our range of luxury Italian designer tech accessories, laptop bags, briefcases and scarves that would make the perfect gift. All pieces [...]

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