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How To Choose The Perfect Bag For Your Loved One

Posted by Attavanti on 13th Nov 2019

How To Choose The Perfect Bag For Your Loved One

With Christmas now just around the corner, your thoughts may be turning to what gift to buy your loved one for the big day. As anyone who has been in a long term relationship will tell you, it would be a serious mistake not to give this some serious thought. Forget gadgets for the kitchen or the car because that would undoubtedly go down like a lead balloon, it definitely needs to be much more personal.

Clothes are a good idea but there are definitely some pitfalls such as getting the size right. If you accidentally buy a size that's too large you could easily end up in the dog house. Then there's the style and colour to consider and if it's a high fashion item, how long are they likely to wear it for. Another option, and this is a good option, if you get it right, is perfume or aftershave. It's intimate, it's personal, it's also tricky to get right. For instance, do you buy them more of what they already use or do you choose something completely new. I recently did go shopping to buy perfume for a gift and I couldn't believe the choice out there. Ultimately you will end up buying a perfume that you particularly like but of course that might not suit them.

Jewellery, especially if you are a man buying for a women, is a great option. However, you must check to see if they prefer gold or silver as most women do have a preference. The down side of going with the jewellery idea could be the price, as cheap jewellery can sometimes look a little bit mean. 

May I suggest at this stage therefore that a great gift for your partner could be a leather accessory. It's a gift that ticks so many boxes, personal, practical, stylish and long lasting. However, there are leather bags and there are leather bags. The ultimate option of course is to express your love with a bag that has been handcrafted in the most stylish of countries, Italy. Italian leather is known for its quality and is mostly vegetable tanned which make it very eco friendly. 

Choosing a bag for a woman

leather bag or accessory will certainly make for a fantastic gift but as with anything else it will require some thought and a little investigation to get it just right. 

First of all, let's concentrate on the type of the bag as there are many options. For instance there is the shoulder bag, tote bag, grab bag, tote shopper and hobo bag to name but a few. Many women have a preference, then again many women have different options for different occasions. Most would have, what they would call their everyday bag and other bags for best or special occasions. Having armed yourself with this information will help you make an informed decision. To help you further, think about how they use the bag. Maybe it's used mainly for work in which case you may want to choose more of a business bag. If it's used on shopping trips a shoulder bag or a tote shopper would make the ideal solution. 

Size is important for various reasons. This is partly based on practicalities, if the bag is being used on a shopping trip for instance, it's often useful to be able to carry small purchases in it to avoid buying plastic bags. Size can also be a critical issue if the bag is very big and the women is petite in stature.  

The style of the bag is probably the most difficult element to get right but if you use what they already own as a guide or choose a classic style that is less likely to date, then I don't think you can go too far wrong.

Finally what colour to choose. Unless your loved one has a particular preference or they love handbags in statement colours, it's probably safer to choose a sober option such as brown, black or blue. 

Arcadia Gini Grab Bag

Boldrini Saddle Bag

Fontanelli Quilted Bag

Choosing a bag for a man

Obviously this is a different proposition as men tend to regard a bag as a practical necessity rather than a fashion accessory. Generally, men only require a bag either for work or maybe sport. Now these can come in many different guises, such as messenger bags, backpacks, briefcases, laptop bags and holdalls. Therefore it's worthwhile just giving this some thought before making the purchase. Consider what are they using at the moment and what they need it for? If it's for the daily commute, think about the practicalities such as size and is it going to be comfortable to carry. If it's a briefcase, make sure it comes with a shoulder strap. 

If it's a sports bag they use, is it just for kit or do they require something a little more specialised to carry say a racket, bat or ball. The Italian brand Terrida for instance produce a really fine collection of sports backpacks and holdalls. 

With regards to what colour to choose, I would definitely choose brown, black or blue for a business or work bag but you can certainly consider something a little brighter when it comes to a sports bag.

Chiarugi Messenger Bag

Boldrini Briefcase Black

Terrida Sports Backpack

Choosing a bag from Italy

To summarise then, a bag that is handmade in Italy will make a fantastic gift for the person you love. All that is required is to give it a little thought because if you get it right, your partner will undoubted be using it for years to come and it'll be a bag they'll really treasure. 

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