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Everyone Loves a Bargain, Especially If It's A Luxury Item from Italy

Posted by Attavanti on 20th Dec 2019

Everyone Loves a Bargain, Especially If It's A Luxury Item from Italy

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness and a chance to meet up with family and friends. It's an excuse to perhaps over indulge and relax after a year of hard work. Of course Christmas festivities don't just happen, there is a lot of preparation beforehand. There are presents to be bought, cards to write, gatherings to be arranged and all the food and drink to get in. When all is said and done, most people really enjoy Christmas time and wouldn't have it any other way. 

It has to be said that it is an expensive time of year but as we all know, the Winter Sales are then on after Christmas Day, tempting us with much reduced prices and those luxury goods that you have been so admiring have become so much more affordable. Everyone loves a bargain and if you have been given money for Christmas, it's the perfect time to treat yourself to something special that you will cherish. What could be more special than a stylish item that has been beautifully handmade in Italy, whether it's a classic handbag or work bag or possibly a wool scarf or silk tie. 

Here are few options you may be tempted to buy and save yourself some money. 

Leather handbags from Italy

Italy is known the world over for its sense of style. They are also famous for their handcrafted leather goods. This combination makes for a perfect combination when looking for something luxurious to buy and if the price is reduced then surely it will be irresistible. Italy have been making leather bags for hundreds of years and those original artisan skills have been handed down through the ages and are still employed today. Italy is also the centre for leather tanning. Their techniques are ecologically friendly because they use vegetable tans which also give the colour on the leather a real depth.

For example just have a look at these options from the Italian brand Carbotti. 

Stylish Leather Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are one of the most used and abused bags out there because they are used every working day for that daily commute. They are filled, over filled, scuffed and knocked. Almost certainly taken for granted by their owners. That is until they start to fall apart or look scruffy. That's when they start to become a nuisance and even an embarrassment. 

If you have got to that stage with your bag or even if you just fancy an upgrade, why not consider one of these beautifully handcrafted messenger bags by the long established Tuscany based brand, Boldrini. Made with high quality leather and handcrafted to the highest level, these are work bags that will provide faithful service for years to come.

Italian Made Satchel Bags

Another option, if you are looking for an everyday bag are these stunning options by Bonfanti. The Milan based brand are renowned for their individually styled pieces that stand out from the crowd. Satchels are very in right now so it's the perfect opportunity to get yourself a very on trend bag and a reduced price. Plus, there is the option of either all leather or a Harris Tweed finish for that perfect country look. Whichever you decide to choose, you will have a very hard wearing bag that will be a pleasure to own for years and years. 

Italian Silk Ties

It can't be denied that you can get a cheap silk tie that's made in China for less but consider this, if you have just bought an expensive suit, would you consider wearing a pair of cheap shoes to go with it? No you just wouldn't. So why not splash out a little more and get a beautifully hand finished silk tie from the epicentre of Italian silk production, the city of Como in Northern Italy. Silk production is making a real resurgence in Italy after it was decimated by cheap imports. However, its popularity is gaining as people once again become more discerning about their attire and an appreciation of a really high quality product.


These are just a few examples of some of the luxury goods you could treat yourself or a loved one with. For more exciting reductions, just take a look at our sale page.

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