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How To Pack For a Week's Holiday

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Personally for me 7 days is the perfect length of time for a holiday. Any less and I'm really not ready to return home and feel like I have been a little short changed as I didn't manage to do everything I wanted to do. More than 7 days and the days start to feel like they're repeating, this is where boredom sets in and I can't help thinking about going home and sleeping in my own bed. 

So what do I need to take to cover the seven days. Well if you're anything like me I used to take lots of extra items ‘just in case’ only to get back home after the holiday and unpack them muttering “didn't wear this” “wish I hadn't bothered taking that”. Particularly things like jumpers in case it got cold and a raincoat in case there was a down pour. Knowing this happens after every trip should give you confidence to really whittle it down so that all you need to take is hand luggage. This will also save you money because you can really take advantage of using the budget airlines where you only get penalised if you have to check in larger luggage. 

The best choice of luggage in my opinion is a trolley, cabin suitcase such as the Roncato Premium Carbon Trolly suitcase. It's robust, well made and very stylish. Obviously it is possible to buy cheaper but there could be nothing worse than arriving at the airport only for your trolley suitcase to let you down. Could you imagine if say a wheel was to fall off or the handle was to stick. Airports are stressful enough without having things like that happening. In other words you kinda get what you pay for. 

Right, now what to take? What I do is plan what I am likely to do day to day and also check the long term weather forecast. If it's warm and sunny that makes this whole process so much easier. The rule of thumb I would say is take a number of items that are smart casual. In fact, this is key to being more efficient about what to take. These items are more versatile in as much as you can dress them up or down.  Also, choose colours that coordinate with one another and this will provide added flexibility. This doesn't necessarily mean it has to be just a neutral colour palette, you can still easily add the odd item to provide a pop of colour. This will also offer the illusion that you're not wearing the same outfit day after day. 

Undoubtedly you will want to look a bit smarter for an evening out which is why the smart casual choice is a good idea. A pair of jeans for instance is a key piece but personally I would choose my smarter pair so I could wear these for an evening out. You my find it useful to layout all the things you want to take and then start to take items away. This may require a bit of bravery on your part but this about training yourself to be confident with your capsule wardrobe!! 

It's also important to consider what facilities you will have on holiday. If you are self catering for instance you may have access to a washing machine or at least a sink so there is nothing to stop you just washing a few pieces of underwear etc. and that'll help you save some space. Also, unless the weather forecast says it's going to rain all week do you really need that raincoat. As you have already saved money on the flight why not just buy a cheap umbrella when you get there. If coats and thick jumpers really are a must then simply wear those items when travelling over. Once on the plane you can simply strip off some layers anyway. 

If you really are struggling to fit in everything you want to take, you may want to invest in some Travel Cubes. They're cheap to buy and a great way of organising and compressing your clothes and you'll be amazed on how much space you can save. 

By their nature shoes are always an awkward item to pack. For a weeks holiday I would say 2 pairs are plenty if you choose wisely. ‘Sensible and Comfortable’ are the keywords here. Choose shoes that go with your chosen outfits and make sure they are well worn in as you are sure to do plenty of walking and as you know, in warmer climes your feet are bound to swell a little. As you'll be wearing the one pair when traveling over, you only need to pack one pair. If they are the type of shoes that won't squash flat, use the space inside the shoe for additional storage. 

As far as toiletries are concerned, you will obviously need to abide by the strict regulations at the airport. This means each container is no more the a 100ml and will need to be presented at security in a clear plastic bag. The chances are then is that you will be carrying these in a separate handbag or messenger bag. Once you've included your shampoo, toothpaste, skin cream, sun cream, hairspray etc., this can start to get very bulky. If this is the case you have a number of choices. Either use your newly found disciplinary skills and reduce the amount of items, split your toiletries with a partner or simply buy what you need once you get to your destination. 

Enjoy your well earned break.

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