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Investors Bid on Sought After Hermes Bags

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In this ever increasingly volatile world together with stagnant interest rates, people are keen to find ways to invest their money. Art, antiquities and gold used to be the traditional options but now there is a thriving investment market in things like classic cars, wine and handbags.

These markets are literally booming at the moment. In fact later this week Sotheby's are auctioning a selection of Hermès Birkin Bags. This is arguably the most iconic handbag of all and extremely sought after. This bag was specifically designed for the actress and model Jane Birkin after a chance meeting with the then creative director of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas which I wrote about previously in a post about handbags named after famous people

The Birkin is still made today but in very limited numbers which has helped to make the older bags very sought after. Sotheby's have many examples of this luxury bag to auction, the most exclusive of which has an estimate on it of £20,000 although the online bidding has already reached £22,000. It is a Birkin shiny amethyst porosus crocodile 35 with palladium hardware from 2008. It truly is a beautiful bag but even this estimate pales into insignificance by other examples that have been sold. A diamond encrusted version was sold in Hong Kong a couple of years ago for £253,000 and another version sold more recently in London for £162,500.

If you consider these prices a little eye watering, there are plenty of other example that are up for auction at more realised estimates of between £4,000 and £8,000, although the online bidding has already exceeded most of these estimates. There are a number of colours to choose from including red, blue, lime green, taupe and black in sumptuous calf leather and one example in ostrich leather.

Alongside the Birkins on offer, there are a number of Hermès Kelly style bags available to bid on with estimates ranging from £2,000 to £10,000. Kelly's were named after Grace Kelly and are an absolutely classic bag. Any one of these examples would make a welcome addition to any handbag collection. As well as the standard calf leather option there is a multi coloured and a canvas version. Again there have already been quite a few bids placed so if you're interested, I suggest you keep an eye on the bidding. 

To some people paying this sort of money for a mere handbag is ridiculous but to a savvy investor, these pieces are very investable and you get an iconic handbag that you can use and enjoy, safe in the knowledge that it is likely to gain in price.

If you like the style of the Kelly and the Birkin but not the price tag then other alternatives are available.  The Italian brand Carbotti provide the same sophisticated look and are handcrafted to the highest quality. 

Carbotti Bellino blue

Carbotti Bellino red

Birkin alternative

Bellino tan

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