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The ASOS bags for life

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As you know ASOS is one of the online retail giants selling low cost fashion clothes and accessories. Such is the nature of online selling that undoubtedly you use a lot of packaging, this is why ASOS are becoming very environmentally aware and are looking at ways to reduce waste. One of the products they are promoting at the moment is a bag for life from the brand Hype, a British based company. This is in the form of a clear plastic bag with a clear inner compartment. Emblazoned on the outside is the word ‘hype’ and accompanied by the words ‘reusable shopping bag’. Obviously this isn't a new idea, supermarkets have been doing it for years but it is something fashion brands are starting to offer.

In fact it was only last March when I reported on the French fashion house Celine producing their own branded plastic bag. It caused a massive stir at the time because they were selling for an astronomical £425. The Hype version is much better value at just £17.99, a bargain in comparison. ASOS also sell a very similar version but without the inner compartment, which is in fact their own design which has emblazoning on the outside the message ‘Never Regret’ ‘The Time is Now’ then goes on to read Futures Unknown MMXVI, Don't Wait Till It's Over. A rather odd message and I would have thought ‘Futures’ should have an apostrophe ‘Future's’ and the MMXVI is roman numerals for 2016 but I guess the premise is that we all need to be environmentally aware before it's too late. 

In fact, there have been several brands doing their own version over the last twelve months including a brand we have supported in the past, Salce 197, a relatively new luxury Italian brand. 

Another way ASOS is looking to reduce waste is to provide customers with reusable bags which you send back for them to reuse. They are even looking at ways to to recycle plastic waste to produce things like swimsuits. 

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