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The Backpack is the Ideal Bag for Modern Living

Posted by Attavanti on 2nd Aug 2019

The Backpack is the Ideal Bag for Modern Living

Commuting to work is just part of modern life. For those of you who have a car and can park or live very close and  can walk, then consider yourself lucky. However for a lot of people, commuting to work can be a daily headache. As we strive to further our careers and get on in the world then it is often necessary to work some distance from your home. Moving closer may not be a practical option because the cost of property is too high or possibly you prefer to live in a village or the country instead of in the city. Taking the car may also be out of the question as the parking fees are just too high or there is a congestion charge. We know this already applies in London but soon Birmingham and Manchester will be charging this too.

The only sensible option then for a lot of us is to use public transport or cycle or even possibly a bit of both. This means then you will inevitably need a bag of some kind to carry your daily essentials. For most people this has to be a backpack. The reasons are simple, it's large enough to carry most things even a laptop, it's comfortable to carry as you spread the weight on both shoulders and perhaps most importantly it allows you to be hands free which makes things so much easier when it comes to paying at the train station or on the bus for instance. Also if you're cycling to work then a backpack has to be the only sensible choice. 

Choosing a backpack for work

First of all, what I would say is this is going to be your travelling companion five days a week and probably 48 weeks a year so it makes sense to invest in a backpack that is not only going to look good but also be of good quality. I'm sure we all know that you can buy a budget backpack for relatively little money but in the long run this can be a false economy as you may need to replace sooner rather than later. Much better then is to invest in a backpack that is going to last and not let you down. The preferred option then is choose a leather backpack that will not only be robust and weather proof but also take those daily knocks and scrapes and look better as it ages. If you're choosing leather then it makes sense to choose Italian as it is renowned the world over as the best leather you can buy and will almost certainly be vegetable tanned which is an eco friendly process and gives the leather a real depth of colour. The size of the backpack is down to personal preference but consider what you are likely to carry in it and also consider your own stature. Very large backpacks aren't for everyone. However what I would say is definitely choose one with structure. These will help protect the contents much better and also look much more stylish. It is also important to choose a backpack with wide shoulder straps as these will make it more comfortable to carry and help spread the weight. This is particularly essential if you have to travel some distance. Colour is also a consideration. Obviously browns, blacks and blues are the sober choice and will fit in with most outfits but you might want to be a little daring and choose a brighter colour in order to make a statement. It would certainly make it more individual to you. 

Tuscans Bi Colour Backpack

Maxwell Scott leather backpack

Pellevera Rialto Backpack

Pratesi Montalbano Backpack

Choosing a backpack for leisure

What you wear to work is usually quite different to what you would wear in your own leisure time. So it stands to reason that you would opt for a backpack that is either more fashionable or suits your leisure needs better. Women's backpacks are very trendy at the moment and are often the preferred option to carrying a handbag and there are certainly plenty of options out there in terms of size shape and colour. 

Arcadia studded backpack

Terrida shopper backpack

Carbotti woven leather backpack

Arcadia fashion backpack

You can also get backpacks now that are specific to sports. Terrida who are based in Venice is a very stylish Italian brand who have a whole range of bespoke sports bags. The backpack range have been designed specifically to accommodate tennis rackets, baseball bats and also volleyballs. That's not to say that you would only use these for sports alone. They are so stylish and flexible that you can use them for any purpose and occasion.

Terrida Sports bag for baseball

Terrida Backpack for tennis

Terrida backpack for volley ball

Terrida Backpack for football

To sum up then the backpack really is the ideal bag for modern living. 

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