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The Story Behind The Modern Neck Tie

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Wearing a piece of cloth around the neck as an adornment is nothing new. There is evidence that the Egyptians and also the ancient Chinese civilisations wore such an accessory. However, it is well documented that it was during the Thirty Years War in the 17th century that, what you might say was the forerunner to the modern tie, came into being. In this religious war which engulfed most of central Europe, Louis XIII of France paid for the services of Croate soldiers. Part of their uniform was a distinctive neck tie which drew the attention of the king who quickly used it as a fashionable accessory and what the king wore the rest quickly followed. It became know as a cravat, a corruption of of the word Croate.

Over the centuries the neck tie went through many guises but remained a very popular garment. It even turning into a dickie bow during the industrial revolution as it was deemed a more practical option when using machinery.

During the first two decades of the twentieth century the work force became more office based and there was a need for a neat neck tie that was easy to tie and looked smart and even. It was this need that inspired New York based tailor Jesse Langsdorf to design and patent the modern tie. The key to this design was to cut the material at 45º on the bias of the material which meant that the tie was more liable to sit straight and less likely to curl. The tie was also lined to give it greater fullness and stability. This tie was an instant success and quickly became a way of adding a flourish to a formal suit with the use of colours and patterns. The material was also important and a silk tie was the most coveted. 

The knot also became a featured aspect of the modern tie and various knot options were devised. For an item which was basically a standard shape, it was a way to add fullness to the knot, adding a little bit of individuality to the look and to reflect the angle of the collar it's worn with. One of the most famous tie wearers of the 20th Century was the Duke of Windsor. In fact he was the inventor of one of the most famous of knots, the Windsor. Here are just a few options you may want to consider when you next put on a tie.

We all know that the tie has little in the way of practical value but it can transform your look when wearing a suit. Not only do you look more professional, it is definitely a confidence builder. Although some professions still demand the wearing of a tie, the fashion for the last decade or so is to wear a suit with an open shirt. This trend is definitely changing...the tie is definitely back! 

Silk tie striped

Silk tie, copper

silk tie geo pattern

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