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What Makes A Really Good wallet

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We do live in a very consumerist world at the moment. There's no doubt that we all love a real bargain and we now readily accept that we don't repair or fix anything, we just replace. This is very much highlighted on the High Street where the only shops that are doing well are the ones that sell at ridiculously low prices. I'm not sure how sustainable this is long term or if I agree with the whole ethos of buying cheap and just throwing away. Environmentally it cannot be a good thing and as we are becoming more and more aware about climate change, we will surely start to rebel against this consumerist habit. 

The act of buying something new for yourself is a very pleasurable experience. In fact your body releases endorphins to give you that feel good factor. However, this feeling can be short lived as the item can quickly wears or falls apart and it's not a pleasure to use or own anymore. Much better then to pay a little more for something that is of good quality and will last. 

This is very much the case for mens wallets. By its nature, this is an item that will invariably get used and abused. It will be in and out of your pocket several times a day, it'll be sat on when it's in your back pocket and it's likely to be overfilled with money, credit cards, driving license, business cards and receipts. It makes sense then to buy a wallet that will really last. I would recommend then a leather option as this natural material will be strong and durable and is also very tactile and attractive. For the best, you need to look at Italian leather wallets as this leather is not only high quality, it is usually vegetable tanned which is an eco friendly process which gives the leather a real depth of colour. 

Owning a beautifully handmade Italian leather wallet is a perpetual joy and each time you get it out of your pocket to use, there is a real sense of pleasure because of its quality and style and you certainly don't feel that you have to surreptitiously use it in case someone sees it. However, before making your purchase, there are just a few things to consider to make sure that you buy one that suits your needs. 

First of all there is the size and shape. Most people plump for a bi-fold version as this tends to be the most convent style and it's the right size to fit in your trouser pocket. There is the vertical bi-fold which is taller in shape. This option suits someone who normally carries their wallet in their inside jacket pocket and allows you to carry more. If you want to carry more but prefer the normal bi-fold size, then you could always opt for the trip-fold. However, this option does tend to be a little bulkier.

Next, consider its functionality. For instance, do you tend to carry lots of money as some wallets have a double pocket for notes. This is probably less likely these days as we are now in an age of contactless credit or debit cards which is just so convenient and is starting to make money obsolete. Speaking of credit cards, how many slots do you think you may need? Don't forget your driving license will probably take up one of them! Also choose a wallet with small pockets which are usually set behind the credit cards slots as these are so useful for carrying things like businesses cards. Some more traditional wallets also have a coin purse which is usually set on the right hand side. This is just a personal preference to some people as they prefer to keep their coins contained instead of floating around one's pocket. One feature that is essential for some is the id. flap. This convenient flip out window flap is so useful for carrying things like your id., travel ticket or entrance pass. 

With regards to colour, most people tend to opt for the classic black and brown. However the Italian brand Tuscan's have now produced a very attractive range of wallets which includes a bright pop of contrast colour on the inside which really makes them stand out. They also feature an Italian flag motif as a reminder of the heritage behind the craftsmanship that went into making these luxurious wallets. 

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