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Which Old Angler Leather Business Bag Should You Choose?

Posted by Attavanti on 25th Aug 2020

Which Old Angler Leather Business Bag Should You Choose?

Most people who work in an office environment require some kind of business bag, either for the commute to work, to use at the office or to take with you for that all important business meeting. In fact, now that we are in a situation after the lockdown where people who had been working from home are now starting to go back to their place of work, many are now doing a bit of both. It is now more important than ever to have a good sturdy bag to carry those documents and electronic devices between locations. It is key to remember that this bag is going to be your well used, constant business companion so you'll need one that's not going to let you down. This is where Old Angler come in. This family run Italian brand has been producing leather business bags for many years to the highest quality. They are all handmade using traditional methods in high quality Italian leather that has been vegetable tanned, which not only has ecological benefits, it also brings out the beautiful natural markings and grain in the leather. 

Choosing the style of the bag

There are a number of styles to choose from and it's basically down to the individual to choose which type of bag suits their needs best. 

One factor that has a bearing on the choice of style is the type of job that you have. For instance if you are say a lawyer or top to middle management, you may want to choose a structured briefcase or an attache case that would sit well with your smart suit and acommodate your documents. A doctor may prefer a medical bag as this is obviously the practical choice for his needs. 

However, as things are a little more relaxed in the office these days and dress code is more casual, other types of bags are gaining in popularity such a soft leather briefcases or laptop bags. Also in terms of practicality for the daily commute, a messenger bag or backpack are a good choice.

Old Angler Structured Briefcase

Soft Leather Briefcase

Old Angler Messenger Bag

Old angler Small Messenger Bag

What size of bag should you buy?

Obviously you need to buy a bag that's big enough for your needs. Having said that, it doesn't want to be so big that it's not practical to carry. Think about how convenient it would be to carry on a crowded train or bus or maybe on your bicycle. Would a shoulder strap be useful? Or if you need both hands to be free would a backpack be the best choice? Think about the things you generally carry such as a laptop for instance. Laptops come in different sizes so make sure yours will fit easily inside. Be careful about this because the indicated bag sizes are external sizes so you will need to buy a bag that is somewhat larger than the device. Do you need to divide up documents and paperwork? If so, choose a bag that has several compartments. Also, if you're in the habit of carrying your mobile and pens in your bag, look for one that has dedicated pockets and holders. It's also very useful to have a zip compartment to keep and find quickly smaller items such as tickets and business cards.

Colour choices

Old Angler make classic pieces and classic pieces demand classic colours. This is a bag that you are going to use everyday and will need to look good no matter what you are wearing. So selecting from a sensible colour palette makes complete sense. You can choose from black, dark brown, mid brown and tan. As a useful cue to what may suit you best, think about the colour of the shoes you generally wear? 

Dark colours are obviously more practical as they are less likely to show any knocks or scrapes. Lighter colours such as tan offer a more relaxed look so work better if you tend to wear jeans or chinos.

Old Angler Backpack

Old Angler Doctor's Bag

Old Angler Laptop Bag

Colonial Briefcase Black

To sum up then, this is a choice that requires some consideration as this will be a bag that will offer years and years of useful service. For a business bag, leather really is the practical choice and even when it eventually it starts to look tired and worn it somehow takes on a charm of it's own. Not only does it look and feel great, it's also practical very hard wearing and absolutely looks the part. It's luxury that will last. 

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