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Blue Bags You'll Just Fall In love With This Autumn

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Everyone has a favourite colour and it has a strong influence on the everyday choices you make, especially with things like fashion and home furnishings. However this is certainly not the case for everything we choose. The most popular favourite colour is blue but when it comes to choosing a car, we would rather opt for colours such as silver, grey, black and white. In this instance people are letting their heads rule their hearts knowing that these colours are easier to sell and residuals are better. Blue is actually way down the list. This is a big ticket item so this has to be a rational decision.

Another exception seems to be choice of accessories. Blue definitely heads the list when choosing clothes but surprisingly the most popular colour for a handbag is either black or brown. Again this is a rational decision based on popular shoe colours that you are matching up to. 

Let your heart rule your head

Choosing a blue bag may be against your first instincts but just think about it, there are some truly beautiful handbags out there in every shade of blue you can think of, so perhaps consider matching your shoes to your bag instead. Undoubtedly you already have at least one or two blue outfits in your wardrobe, if nothing else you are sure to have a pair of jeans, so blue accessories really make sense. With a choice of so many shades of blue, you could either match your outfit or indeed offset it with a contrasting different shade. 

What style of bag to choose?

A blue bag is perfect for any occasion, in fact it's perfect for every occasion, so whether you're looking for an everyday bag or a bag for that special occasion, we have the perfect bag for you. 

If it's a bag you want to use on a daily basis there are plenty of options to choose from. The natural choice would be to go for a navy blue as it will work better with most outfits but there's no reason why you shouldn't choose a lighter, brighter blue to make a real statement. The most favoured style is a shoulder bag as it's practical and comfortable to carry. Choose a size that best suits your needs and consider the type you prefer whether it's a structured bag like the Boldrini Eva saddle bag or a slouchy hobo such as the Paolo Masi Cara woven leather shoulder bag

Other options for an everyday bag could be a tote or grab bag. I suppose these are less convenient than a shoulder bag if you do a lot of commuting but otherwise perfect for most peoples needs. As these are structured bags they will always work well for a smart casual look. A great choice would be the Arcadia Erica patent grab tote. This is an extremely attractive bag with red edging detail and gold hardware. To make more of a statement you may want to consider the Anna Cecere Sophia grab bag with an eye catching bamboo handle. Both have detachable shoulder straps for added functionality.

We all love to get dressed up for that special occasion, whether it's a wedding, a cocktail party or simply an evening out, and Attavanti have some stunning choices that are just perfect for you. Again you can choose from a stylish shoulder bag such as the Fontanelli Flora. This versatile quilted bag can also be adapted to be used as a grab bag or a clutch and being a deep blue will perfectly offset your outfit whatever the colour. Perfectly suited for the cocktail party, Anna Cecere Lustrino Jewelled clutch would make an eye-catching addition to your look. 

If blue is your favourite colour then just listen to your heart.

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